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The Beatles, the most successful rock group in history and arguably the greatest band of all time, officially got their start in 1962 when they released their first single "Love Me Do". They then went on to write more number one hits than any other band in history. In the relatively brief amount of time they were together, these four lads from Liverpool managed to compile a library of songs so rich with tonal complexities and range of emotion, it's almost incomprehensible how innovative and unique they really were. Even after 40 years, their songs are still considered timeless classics and there's no doubt they will continue to live on and endure the test of time. And if one were to delve a little deeper, they would come to realize that the Beatles were also pioneers on a number of other fronts, from their unique writing, to their vocal arrangements, to their style and delivery, to their look, to their sound and approach to instrumentation, and even to their recording methods. They did it all. Needless to say, their story is a long and wonderful one and we could go on and on. Let's just say the Beatles helped to shape a time and change the world. How could one not be drawn to their music?

Hence, this leads us to the story of Number Nine. Many have asked why we formed and what our goal is as a band. We originally came together as part of a mission to help children and our community. More specifically, we decided to form and perform as part of a charity event we organized on behalf of a local elementary school's music program. We chose to embark on that endeavor of good will because music is near and dear to all our hearts and music has had a profound impact on each of our lives. And there's no denying that music offers our youth a unique vehicle to exploring & unlocking their creative side and the potential benefits cannot be underestimated. All too often, the music programs are among the first programs to be diminished and even cut when a school is faced with budgetary constraints. Limiting these vital programs does a disservice to our teachers and doing so could be detrimental to our youth and the future of our society. Our formation was in large part dedicated to sending the message that we must do everything in our power to preserve the arts and our efforts pay homage to the fine men and women dedicated to teaching our youth.

Another big reason we came together was that we simply love the music of the Beatles and we also really enjoy playing it. So much so, as a matter of fact, that we're finding it very hard to stop learning and mastering their songs. There's a seemingly endless well of great songs to choose from and we're finding that the more we learn, the more inspired we become to learn more. We're now well beyond 100 songs in our performing repertoire and to our amazement there are still dozens more gems that we're working on. The Beatles catalog of material is truly mind boggling.

We like to think that our mission is to pick up where the Beatles left off in August 29, 1966. This is when they played their last live concert in San Francisco's Candlestick Park. At the time, many thought it was the end of an era. What they didn't know was that the Beatles were hard at work creating an album that would forever change music. An album that was so intricate and deeply layered with sound and instrumentation, it would go beyond anything done previously. It was also an album that contained music so deep and involved, it would be virtually impossible to recreate live with only 4 people. On June 1, 1967, the album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," was released in the U.K and it topped the charts all over the world, holding the number one slot in Britain for 27 weeks and for 19 in America. This was the turning point for the Beatles and for music as we knew it.

As the Beatles evolved over time, so did their music. More and more instrumentation was being used on their recordings, vocal arrangements became more complex, and their use of studio and recording techniques grew in unimaginable ways. It didn't take us long to figure out that trying to recreate their recorded material live with only four people would be virtually impossible and we quickly found our numbers growing well beyond four. But we also found that having many players could be a great asset because it allows us the ability to perform any of their songs, from any era, from the simplest to the most complex. Virtually no song is out of reach. And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that we often like to explore sounds and arrangements beyond the recorded versions when the mood for improvisation hits us. We like to keep things fresh and exciting, not only for us but our audiences as well.

From that original benefit concert in early 2006, things have grown and evolved at an incredible rate. We're now performing on a regular basis and each and every show brings with it memorable experiences and a feeling that we're part of something special. Performing the music of the Beatles is indeed a great challenge but well worth the effort in our eyes. Our hope is that we can do justice to their great music and that we can move you. We're proud to say that we cover a very wide range of material from the fresh and exciting early years to the mesmerizing psychedelic period to the beautifully crafted and seasoned material of the later years. There's virtually no song out of reach. These are timeless classics that are sure to evoke powerful memories and we strive to make the music and our show an experience you'll never forget.

George Schultz - vocals
Bill Baronas - vocals, keys, rhythm guitar
Jim Walton - vocals, keys
Geo Filippides - lead guitar, vocals
Don Woods – bass, vocals
Bob Glick - rhythm guitar, vocals
Chris Griffin - horns, percussion, sound effects, vocals
Todd Purcaro - drums, vocals

* Note, performances often include special guest appearances from a wide variety of talented and gifted musicians!

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